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Root Canal Specialist in Coral Springs, Florida 33065 Ginzler Endodontics


General Information

State-Of-The-Art: Contemporary Endodontics / Root Canal Therapy

We offer our patients state of the art technology:  Paperless charting with our practice management software, Surgical Operating Microscopes utilizing assistant microscopes and digital SLR cameras, digital radiography and the latest in dental technology: 3-D Cone Beam imaging. 

We are excited and proud of our ability to utilize the Kodak 9000 Cone Beam.  Cone Beam imaging provides 3-D evidence helping to solve the most challenging endodontic mysteries and diagnosis. Within minutes we can literally examine your tooth in 3-dimensions - a unique breakthrough in dental care! We are one of very few practices in Southern Florida that can offer this service to our patients in our office. 

TDO Software enables us to be a fully paperless and digital office making scheduling treatment and communication with you and your referring dentist easier.

The Surgical Operating Microscope aids in visualization of intricate and delicate anatomy inside your tooth - our assistants even utilize the microscope during treatment to most effectively support your care.

Our digital SLR camera allows exceptional documentation aiding diagnosis and patient education.

Digital Radiography reduces your exposure to necessary radiation by nearly 90% when compared to traditional dental film.

We incorporate the most advanced ASI Integrated Dental Carts,  instrumentation and irrigation techniques, and apex locators when delivering treatment. 

This office is one of the premiere, state-of-the-art facilites in Florida! We look forward to an opportunity to incorporate our experience and expertise with the latest in technological advancements to most effectively and efficiently care for your dental health.