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Root Canal Specialist in Both Boca Raton and Coral Springs, Florida Ginzler Endodontics


Bradley Ginzler, DDS, MS

Welcome to Ginzler Endodontics

Ginzler Endodontics, with two South Florida Facilities located in Boca Raton,  and Coral Springs Florida, utilizes state of the art dental technology insuring the health of our patients. Root Canal Therapy should be painless to enable patients retain their natural teeth and bite. This is the healthiest option when dealing with damaged or infected pulp and nerve tissue. We provide our patients with full documentation and transparency when diagnosing endodontic treatment.


Coral Springs Endodontist Profile

Dr. Bradley Ginzler is an Endodontist (root canal specialist) committed, first and foremost, to the health of his patients. Your experience at Ginzler Endodontics will be comfortable and painless while receiving top tier dental treatment with the latest advancements in dental and microsurgical technology.

Dr. Ginzler established his endodontic office in Coral Springs, Florida to pursue his dream of creating a state of the art, fully digital endodontic office in 2011. Centered on optimal patient care, our new equipment and technology is unequaled in Broward County, and now Palm Beach County with our newest location in Boca Raton. Our conventional 2D digital imaging reduces traditional radiation exposure by over 90%.  We utilize limited field 3D imaging in both locations to help make the most accurate diagnosis and enhance treatment. We were among the first early adapters of this technology in South Florida. Our commitment to you is that you receive only the best quality care available.

When your General Dentist refers you to our practice, rest assured we will carefully diagnose your dental condition and when needed, allow you to make an informed decision on suitable treatment. We work closely with you and your General Dentist to ensure a cohesive and optimal outcome. Our secure digital system provides a simplistic platform to effectively communicate information to your dentist. It is also a forum for you, our patient, to preregister prior to your appointment with our Endodontic office to make your first visit a breeze.

We look forward to seeing you soon in our Coral Springs or Boca Raton endodontic offices!



Patient Testimonials

I had my very first root canal last Friday and feel very lucky that I was referred to Dr. Ginzler's practice. The staff is professional yet very friendly and understanding of a patient's apprehension. The office itself is not only zen like but state of the art. Dr. Ginzler explained the procedure from start to finish and before I knew it I was on my way home. Coral Springs and surrounding area dentists are extremely fortunate to have Dr. Ginzler and his staff to refer their endodontic patients to.


I was referred to Dr. Ginzler after being advised that the pain that I was experiencing would probably require a dreaded root canal... Having only had one prior experience over twenty five years ago, I was not thrilled to have received this news. I was in acute pain and staff at the dentist office advised that although Dr.Ginzler's office was to close within 10 minutes, that they would wait for me and determine if the dentist's assessment of the situation was correct. I arrived at the office well after the closing time and was greeted by kind staff with an Ipad; and although I am a PC and was in pain was able to complete the forms and see the doctor. Upon review of the xray, it was indeed determined that I would need a root canal and was prepped and the doctor was ready to proceed right away. His calm manner and precise tone immediately reassured me that I was in the hands of a caring professional. I was astonished that almost two hours later, he completed the procedure and I was so thankful for such a good experience. I cannot articulate the gratitude to his professionalism and expertise. I did advise him that if I still felt ok after the novacaine wore off, that I might consider sending a thank you, but instead felt compelled to write this testimonial. Thank you Dr. Ginzler. I very much appreciate you taking the time, having the patience, and professionalism to make my experience today a good one. Sincerely, Adriane


I am a practicing dental hygienist and quite familiar with all that is involved in the endodontic process, but referring patients who are in need of a root canal is very different from experiencing it yourself! I have to say I am glad to have experienced this one in Dr. Ginzler’s office, because he is by far the most focused, knowledgeable, technologically advanced, and caring practitioner I have ever had for this procedure. The injections were painless, the procedure was painless, and the recovery quick and also painless. Dr. Ginzler prepares you for what is to take place, he has a steady and gentle touch, and he meticulously works to see that the final result is the absolute best possible. His staff is welcoming and kind, and his state of the art office is spotless and relaxing. If one could ever say they were glad to have a root canal, it would be that I can now share my firsthand experience of a most excellent job done. Thank you!